Project Boat: Part 1

Do you have a boat you love? Does the boat you have need some love? Check out this refurbish project, we started with 2002 Cobra that was suffering from years of use. What we ended up with is something that is showroom worthy. The great part is it didn’t cost an arm and a leg. We started off by removing all the storage box lids, trim and stripped all of the old carpet out. The next step was to clean all the old glue, this part is critical you will need a clean surface to glue in the new carpet so take your time.  Use caution when you removing the old carpet it comes in handy as a pattern when your cutting the new stuff. Now is the time to replace batteries, pumps and repair  any wiring  or screw holes. At this point we cut the hole for the EZ Troll trolling motor tray and buffed the top cap.
Part 2 is coming later this week so stay tuned.



EZ Troll

Dek-It Mount

Richmond Marine Center