Mix Pack


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Pepper Packs Introduction

We have put together a variety of packages containing many of our various products.  We have put together the best of the best when it comes to color choice and sizes to catch fish on any body of water in the country.   They can make great gifts for the fisherman in your life or a great addition to any fisherman’s arsenal of tackle.  Each pack is valued below the retail price of the individual items.  Each pack can be purchased for $50 plus $8 shipping, or 2 packs and free shipping.

Mix Pack

The Mix pack is a combination of some of our best-selling colors and products that will allow you to choose from many different presentations.   This pack includes 1 each- Casting Jig, Pro Football Jig, Pepper Swim Jig, Micro Jig, Original Pepper Jig, Pepper Punch, Pepper Blade and 2 each- Penetr8or Shakey head and W3 hooks.  This pack is perfect for covering all bases in any fishing condition you could imagine.  This pack is over a $59 value

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Mixed Pack


11 piece assortment of best selling products