Pro vs Joe Episode 9

In episode 9 of Brent Chapman’s Pro vs. Joe presented by Realtree Outdoors, live now on, Brent Chapman takes on Shreveport, Louisiana native Mike Hester on Caddo Lake. Hester is one of the top anglers in the area with many tournament wins on local lakes, and even more huge bass many were caught on Caddo Lake. Filmed in March of 2015, this episode was the first episode filmed for Pro vs. Joe. Chapman said, “I have heard so many great things about Caddo Lake over the years which made it an easy decision to choose it as our first Pro vs. Joe filming destination. Choosing Brian (Hester) was also an easy decision mostly because his tournament credentials showed he would be a tough competitor.”

Caddo Lake, one of Louisiana’s premier fisheries, put Chapman and Hester to the test. When traditional late spring techniques didn’t pan out the two worked hard to find an alternative pattern. “If you’re a typical weekend fisherman and you want to see how we scramble to find a workable pattern, this is the show to watch. Everything we thought was going to work – didn’t, and we had to reevaluate the conditions and fish stage in order to finally find something productive,” Chapman explained. See how it all went down now at

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