Preventative Maintenance with BioborEB

In todays “low emission” fuel world, bass fisherman have to be cognizant of the effects that ethanol mixed fuels have on marine parts, specifically corrosion.  There’s nothing worse than launching your boat at the marine, turning the ignition, and not having anything happen as you float way from the dock.  Ethanol damage to your fuel system is a very real and potentially expensive – yet preventable – ordeal, one that all bass fisherman should take steps to prevent, particularly in the off season. recommends Biobor EB Fuel additive for all fishing crafts. “Fuel is stabilized for up to 18 months, performance robbing deposits are removed and corrosion issues are virtually eliminated. Additionally, Biobor EB uses a proactive approach to preventing phase separation in fuel tanks by inhibiting the water/ethanol bond, and keeping ethanol in the proper blend and suspension.”  That’s pretty huge, and the results show under testing.

A recent test of various ethanol treatments performed by Practical Sailor Magazine (August 2012 issue) rated ethanol treatments on the following statistics: cost, treatment cost/gallon, and corrosion rating (brass, copper, aluminum, steel).  BioborEB was rated the best performing choice among the products tested.   The study includes measurable data and explanation of how the testing was conducted and can be found on the Biobor site. (

Preventative maintenance, performed regularly, can inhibit a huge cost down the road.  Using Biobor EB will make your engine last longer, run more efficiently, and save your wallet.  If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, then using BioborEB in your tank can keep your money in your bank!