Practice is Important

Tournament practice is as important to a competitive angler as the actual tournament itself. Being efficient with your time and covering as much productive water as possible is one of the main ingredients for continued success. This goes well past just tournament anglers and applies to any fisherman looking for more consistent quality days on the water.

NavionicsWebinar1.jpeg (1 of 1)Today’s fishing electronics offer so many advantages and majority of fisherman still don’t take full advantage of the screens they have right in front of their face.

Join Bassmaster Open Pro Josh Douglas and his guest, Bassmaster Elite Series Angler Seth Feider for a FREE online webinar titled, “Breaking Down Water Fast for a Better Tournament Practice”, on April 15th at 9pm Eastern Time.

Lowrance/Navionics Pro Josh Douglas will give an in-depth look at all the tools available to anglers today both on their home computers and mobile devices, as well as in their plotters on the water. Humminbird/Navionics Pro Seth Feider will give a full breakdown on how he employs his technology while trying to break down a fishery in only a few days time to be able to compete against the world’s best fisherman day in and day out.

To register for this free webinar and to start getting more out of your investments, please sign up through the link below.


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