Powroznik Wins LEER Cover Cash

Jacob Powroznik carried his big blue 1st place Bassmaster Elite Series trophy across the boat ramp parking lot at Toledo Bend on Sunday evening, placed it securely in his Tundra, and grinned, “Okay boys, let’s head to the Toyota Texas Bass Classic – I love that event.”

Thanks to his registration in the LEER Cover Cash program, “J Pow” has $500 cash to buy all the boat gas needed to practice and compete on famed Lake Fork once he gets there.

And frankly, he says he can’t imagine life as a tournament angler without his LEER.

“I love my LEER because I can pack for a four or five week road trip, and have everything I need packed-in here in a dry and safe place,” says Powroznik. Sure enough, when he shared a look inside, it was obvious that he doesn’t leave much at home. “Look, I’ve got life jackets in here, outboard props, spare depth finders, clothes, a boat cover, and dang near every lure I own.”

Becoming eligible for the Cover Cash program is simple. Purchase or own a LEER Truck Cap or Tonneau Cover for your primary tow vehicle, sign-up for the free Cover Cash program at LeerCoverCash.com, be the highest finishing participant in any of the over 300 approved tournaments and you’ll win the cash.

Better yet, you don’t have to win the tournament to win the Cover Cash. You just need to be the highest finishing eligible angler in the following supported trails: B.A.S.S., FLW, TBF, ABA Weekend Series, and LBAA. The following team trails are also eligible: Alabama Bass Trail, Bass Champs, Nichols Marine Tournament Series, Platinum Team Trail, Priority Fishing Team Series, Skeeter XFL, Texas Team Trail and the Bassmaster Team Championship.

It’s free to sign-up for Cover Cash, and it will generously support over 300 individual tournament events and offer a variety of payouts ranging from $150 to $1,000. For example, the Bassmaster Open will pay a single award of $300 on the boater side, and $150 to the highest placing non-boater. Team trail events will offer $150 to both the highest finishing and second highest finishing eligible angler in a regular season event.

LEER has also made it easy for anglers to save money on their initial purchase of a new truck cap or tonneau cover by making exclusive angler coupons available. Simply carry the coupon into your local LEER dealer, save money up-front, and then get ready to win additional funds when you do well in supported tournaments – but you have to sign-up either on line at LeerCoverCash.com, or by calling (918) 742-6424.