Power Finesse Fishing with Stetson Blaylock

When approaching a body of water I first try my normal routine of power fishing with a Texas rig, jig, or Livingston Lures Crankbait since it is how I was originally taught. If the bite seems tougher I will then I try “Power Finesse Fishing” before resorting to Finesse fishing. My style of Power Finesse fishing involves using the same finesse presentations but in a larger way. By doing this you can still use the sly tactics without changing completely over to the spinning rod/small line diameter combo. My go to options are a 7’1 MH 13 Fishing Envy Black paired with a  Concept E 6:6:1 reel with Seaguar 12lb or 15lb invisx fluorocarbon line. On this set-up I would use a little larger hook and sinker combo to drop-shot as well as a bigger worm or shad. For example when normally drop-shotting I would use a #1 straight shank hook with a 1/4 or 1/16 oz weight and a small 4in or 6in worm like the Gary Yamamoto Pro Senko but when Power Finesse Fishing I will upsize to a #3 or #4 hook with a 3/8 or 1/2 oz weight and a 6in to 10in worm like the Gary Yamamoto Cut tail worm. This option can be used in any situation when the bite turns tough in an off-shore tournament. With warmer weather approaching this is awesome in post-spawn situations when bass are in transition and moving out deeper. 

 ma5bG7FPS0c_FN7u6BC_uzhw83E56BQLVGG_QHtVtRY,bxyTf3_5QGJJjzhVqXVzJ6gV5bVCN_1sLz7BkLgHxRQ,ydOApQjgHnjvc7itc5gaP9EwKUvT-r2m6pZWndzXzlo,UhD_utcnVqPzvtjpiKVdpCz1jafRssLKG3vAn5rxg6c,9nc9WeHv85-kLOClI7oOE0aLRtzyJ0MRbF1_TTs47There are always times when you have to completely break down your approach and completely transition to Finesse fishing but any chance I get that I can catch bass without having to completely shrink my line and hook size I do it. In my opinion this style of fishing could be a large factor this year in tournaments such as the FLW Tour on Lake Eufaula and Lake Chickamauga. With as much pressure the fish get put under during a large event it is great to have confidence no matter how tough the bite may become. 
I am currently getting ready for practice in Alabama for the BASS Open Event on the Alabama River will check back in soon. Be sure to check out my social media pages to stay up to date on practice!
Stetson Blaylock

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