Palaniuk’s Classic “Money Maker”

What to know what Brandon Palaniuk will be throwing this week at the 2016 Bassmaster Classic? Here’s a sneak peak: The Berkley Havoc Money Maker on a ¼ oz shakey head, which BP calls “a sure bet”. Palaniuk’s shakey head set-up includes 8lb Berkley Fireline Crystal and an 8lb Berkley 100% Fluorocarbon leader, all rigged on a 7’ medium Abu Garcia prototype spinning rod paired with a Revo Premier spinning reel.


Palaniuk cites the bait’s versatility as the deciding factor in his choice. “I’m going the able to throw this anywhere a fish lives this week. Bluff walls, docks, brush piles, lay downs, rock plies, etc. If a fish lives there, I will be able to target them with this set up – plus the flatter end of the bait creates more vibration and with the dirtier water conditions we are facing at Grand, this could be a subtle key for a finesse approach.”


By most reports, Grand Lake is already fishing tough, and the Berkley Havoc Money Maker may just be the difference for Palaniuk as he competes for the title of “Classic Champion”.