Oliver Ngy Has One Thing on His Mind “Big Bass”

Everyone Dreams of catching the Bass of a Lifetime. That elusive double-digit or the one worthy of a wall mount can be consuming. While some of us catch only one over a lifetime there is a guy that wakes up every morning in search of that “Dream Bass” and on a lot of occasions, catches it.


Meet Oliver Ngy of Big Bass Dreams, www.bigbassdreams.com Oliver is obsessed with catching giant bass from California to Ontario. His formula for catching these giants is based on his perfection of the large swim bait. “Its hard to understand how many big bass will ignore a small offering but will go nuts for an 8″ to 11” glide bait. These baits are very versatile and the big bass fall for them more than you would think”

Oliver recently released his full-length documentary along with tips on how to make your DREAM of catching your personal best a reality. Check it out at http://www.bigbassdreams.com/collections/all/products/big-bass-dreams-the-movmenet

Here is a quick look.

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