Niggemeyer’s Fort Gibson Set Ups

James Niggemeyer finished 17th at Fort Gibson , a solid finish under changing conditions. Niggemeyer stated he relied on two combinations, here is a look.

“These combos did the lion share of fish catching for me last week at the Bassmaster Central OPEN on Fort Gibson in Oklahoma.  The Strike King KVD 2.5 crank bait in Chartreuse Sexy Shad and the Rage Tail Rage Bug (one of my new favorites) in Black and Blue.  I paired the Rage bug with a 3/8oz Tour Grade Tungsten weight on 20 Gamma Edge Fluorocarbon and pitched it to wood in the back end of creeks.  
I cranked the KVD 2.5 around rock and gravel with a St. Croix Target Cranker fiberglass rod.  I like that rod for square bill crank baits, because it allows me to make pinpoint cast due to its 6’10” length and Gamma Green Polyflex line in 14lb test.  The fish were also located in the back of creeks nearby large schools of Threadfin shad.
Both outfits had Ardent reels, but I used the Grand with the higher gear ratio for pitching and the Elite with a 6.5:1 gear ratio for cranking.”
Good Fishing  James Niggemeyer
You can get all the products James uses here.