New Stunner Series casting rods – Fitzgerald Rods

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As we approach the Bassmaster Classic, we start to hear small pieces of information about the new products that companies will be releasing at the Classic Expo, and next to ICAST, this is the biggest new product showcase of the year.  New rods, new baits, new reels – all in time for anglers to use in their 2015 season, unveiled at the “Super Bowl of Bass Fishing”, and the best part is: its open to the public.


One of the first products we’ve heard about is the new Stunner HD Series casting rods from Fitzgerald Rods.  We caught up with Trevor Fitzgerald, the company owner, rod design, and Bassmaster Opens Pro, to get some insight on the design of this new model.


“Our other series, the original series has micro guides, and we have a ton of guys that love those rods because of the guides we use, but we had some request for a non-micro guided rod as well, and that was the concept behind the Stunner Series.”  In fact, there’s nothing ordinary about the Stunner’s guides, as Fitzgerald Rods paired the blank with the Microwave guide system from American Tackle Company.


Additionally, the Stunner series will offer actions and lengths that differ from the original line, and will offer anglers some versatile options in rod choice for smaller water and finesse applications.  “This will be an all casting series”, says Fitzgerald, “we aren’t offering any flipping sticks in the Stunner series: a 6’8” Medium Heavy, a 7’0” Medium Heavy, a 7’0” Heavy,  a 7’3”  Medium Heavy and Heavy, and a 7’6” Medium Heavy.  We’ve had, again, our customers requesting a shorter 6’8” and more medium heavy actions, instead of the heavy actions that we are known for.”


With blanks made exclusively for Fitzgerald Rods, the Stunner series will offer a high quality rod that the Fitzgerald name is known for, but at a price point of $169 to $179 dollars, making that quality available in specific options at a lower price.


Heavy testing goes into every one of the Fitzgerald designs, and each model was fished and evaluated by Bassmaster Open Champions Rich Howes and Trevor Fitzgerald – not a bad pedigree for rod design input.


The Stunner Series will make its debut at the 2015 Bassmaster Classic Expo, and will be there to provide a “first look” next week.  Check out the Fitzgeald Rods lineup ay and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.