New Products – Rat-L-Trap Echo 1.75 Squarebill


AllState Pro Rich Howes showed us the new offering from Rat-L-Trap, the Echo 1.75 Squarebill, during practice for the Bassmaster Open #1 In January. After watching him catch several keeper fish off a shell bed in a matter of minutes, we knew this product is going make some waves for anglers this year. Rich sums up the features of the new Echo 1.75 in this article, exclusively for

“So we are creeping up on the 2015 Bassmaster Classic at Lake Hartwell. Besides the great tournament that goes on there is also a great expo for the fans, where all the top companies in the fishing industry unveil their products for display and purchase for all the fishing fanatics. I want to tell you about a product that will be available – a product that we introduced at ICAST 2014 and should be ready for this year’s Bassmaster Classic. I am talking about the Rat L Trap Echo 1.75 square bill.

This introduction won’t necessarily be about how to fish a square bill crank bait but more along the lines as to why this one is unique and deserves a spot in your tackle collection. The first and I think most important thing that Rat L Trap has done is to incorporate the time tested and proven sound technology of their lipless crank baits and put in the Echo 1.75. The proven sound has both high and low pitch tones that attract fish from even the thickest of cover and often times moves fish a long distance to strike. In some of the field-testing I have completed with this bait, I have encountered some of the most ferocious strikes on a square bill that I can recall, as fish hit the Echo 1.75 like it stole something from them. I used it when the fish were active and inactive, and the one common trait of each fish catch was the anger at which this bait was attacked. Rarely was it just slapped at like you sometimes get when covering water with lipless baits and other hard baits. I believe the reason behind this is the combination of the sound and vibration this bait produces, offering a unique and “new” presentation to the bass that make it scream “I’m alive and I’m a threat”. The thick body with the flat sides creates immense vibration, similar to a bladed jig or chatter bait style bait. Bladed jigs often produce those angry fish strikes that we all love – now you have a square bill that can be fished in similar situations as the chatter bait but with Rat L Trap sound to trigger those “angry” strikes. Imagine throwing this in lay downs and stumps with the great tracking ability of a square bill through cover and the vibration of a bladed jig, now that’s exciting!

Another advantage of the Echo 1.75 is the ability to cast it longer distance when compared to competitor designs. Although square bills are often thought of as short cast lures to tight cover there are often times when making a longer cast can come in handy.

IMG_0720Perhaps the most unique aspect of the Echo 1.75 design is its ability to work itself through grass. Using these over grass flats bring a tremendous advantage: the hard vibrations and lip design rip weeds free more effectively than most square bills. When you see them notice the line-tie hanger on the lip is flush to the lip not allowing extra space for the weeds to catch. Let me tell you, these things can really hunt at high speeds as well.

These new baits will be offered in all the fish catching color schemes one would expect from Rat-L-Trap. You will have the ability to get them in the Classic Rat-L-Trap patterns as well as the new “SuperNatural” patterns. You can see all these great patterns on their website:

This year I will be back at the Classic (but not in the manner I had wished) working full time in the expo for several of my sponsors. You can find me at the Rat L Trap, Allstate Insurance, Fitzgerald Rods, and Typhoon Optics booths. I hope to see you at the Expo if you can make it; if not, head on over to Rat L Traps website during or after the Classic and check out the new Echo 1.75.”