New Products from Reins

Reins Fishing, manufacturer of the premier tungsten weights on the market as well as innovative and highly versatile soft plastics, will introduce at the 2014 ICAST show a tungsten football head weight unlike any other available, as well as two compact flipping baits that are sure to end up in every tournament angler’s arsenal. Additionally, there will be new sizes of two of the company’s distinctive swimbaits, including the one that Paul Mueller used to sack a record one day Bassmaster Classic five fish limit.

The sliding football head incorporates a tungsten football-shaped head with a hole cut through it to allow for use with an angler’s preferred soft plastic and a matching hook. Much of the impetus for this product came from the urging of professional angler David Walker, an Elite Series winner who has qualified for nine Bassmaster Classics and 10 Forrest Wood Cups.

“When it comes to sinkers, they’ve all been the same shape as long as I can remember,” he said. “Meanwhile, we’ve had all sorts of different styles of jigheads to provide different actions. We’re just using the same idea with a slip sinker. It’s a very simple deal, but you can customize it quickly to provide maximum versatility. You can use it for a 10-inch worm or a creature bait and a punch skirt, or you can use it for finesse-style fishing with a 4-inch worm or a craw fished by itself.”

Additionally, the high-density tungsten that has made Reins famous creates desirable noise when it bounces against hard cover like rocks or mussels. “I just use a little bobber stopper in between the head and my hook,” Walker explained. “It sounds just like the beads on a Carolina Rig and it acts as a buffer to protect your knot when it makes contact.”

Reins will also introduce a soft plastic Craw Tube and the Punchin’ Predator creature bait. Neither is an altogether new design, but instead they take existing concepts and perfect them for high-pressured tournament applications. The Craw Tube’s one flat side creates a gliding motion unlike any other lure in its class and the Punchin’ Predator maximizes hookups where others in its category end up with missed strikes. Both are compact but will easily hold a 5/0 hook, and both feature the distinct scent that contributes to Reins soft plastics’ effectiveness.

“We’ve worked hard to improve the action and the hookup percentage,” said Reins pro Michael Murphy. “These are two small baits that can be dropped into tight quarters to lure big fish, and the ability to hold a big hook helps you get them out.”

Finally, for big bass aficionados, Reins introduces a 6.5-inch size of the Fat Rockvibe Shad, the lure that Mueller used for his tremendous catch en route to finishing as the runner-up in the 2014 Bassmaster Classic, along with a new 6-inch size of the Bubbling Shad.

We will be at Booth 1318 throughout ICAST. If you would like to schedule a meeting or interview a pro- staffer, please contact Matt Paino. Available slots are going fast.

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