New Line Up for JB Custom Rods

Dunn, NC – Elite Custom Rod Builder JB Custom Rods announces the production of the “JC ProAngler Series” for 2016, built to the specifications of Under Armour and Strike King Pro Jamey Caldwell. The former Army Special Operations member has long known the importance of equipment in performing his craft, and he now has the chance to refine the rod line he has come to trust in his quest to qualify for the Bassmaster Elite Series.

“The big story behind these rods is the blank JB is using” says Caldwell, “its high strain, multi-modulus Japanese graphite that allows us to custom make the strength, flexibility and action to match technique to design. In doing so, most of the rods will have a primary technique associated with it, but have also been designed with several alternate techniques in mind.”

The JC Pro Angler Series Rods will feature the spiral guide design JB Custom rods are known for, which eliminate line slap, less rod torque and increased casting distance with all line types.

Caldwell says that this rod will be all about the blank however, and that it is the most advanced graphite blank he’s ever fished. “It’s a high strain graphite fired at a very high temperature, which in turn gives you a rod that is lighter with stronger graphite that’s more responsive – it will go from its load position back to neutral faster. Lighter and stronger- what every fisherman wants”.

The 18 rod series (16 baitcasters and two spinning rods) is due to be released in January of 2016, and cover techniques from drop-shotting to heavy mat punching. Anglers can get their hands on any rod in the series starting at the Raleigh Bass and Saltwater Fishing expo in January (7-9), and sales will continue at the Richmond and East Tennessee Fishing shows. The JC ProAngler Series will then be available for purchase online at