Missile adding Micro Football Jig and Tail Colors

Salem, Va. – July 8, 2019 – Missile Jigs is adding a football version to their innovative Ike’s Micro Jig and Missile Baits is adding a number of new, hot exciting colors including Tail Colors in their new Ned Bomb. The Micro Jig is a new category of jigs that Missile spearheaded in 2018. Sometimes a slightly heavier Micro Jig is needed to fish deeper water so the Ike’s Micro Football Jig was needed. Missile Baits is adding 20 total new SKUs across their Ned Bomb, Bomb Shot, D Bomb, and Shockwaves.
Missile Baits owner and pro angler, John Crews, said, “I have been blown away by the response of anglers all over on the Ned Bomb and Micro Jig. We wanted to give anglers more tools to catch bass, so we had to give them a football version of Ike’s Micro Jig and Tail Colors of the red-hot Ned Bomb. I know I have been wanting both for my arsenal since we thought the ideas up!”

Ike’s Micro Football Jig is much like the regular Micro Jig but will have a traditional football head shape and be offered in 1/4 and 3/8 ounce sizes. The Micro Football Jig will come in 6 colors in each size and feature a 1/0 Gamakatsu jig hook. Designed to be fished on a spinning rod, the Micro Football Jig will be packaged two per pack with the optional weed guards enclosed for a suggested retail of $5.99. Ike’s Micro Football Jigs will begin shipping January 1, 2020.

Mike Iaconelli, veteran pro angler and the creative mind behind the Missile Jigs concepts, said, “The Micro Football Jig is going to be one of my favorite jigs! I will have one of these tied on almost all the time. This super compact jig will go right on my spinning rod and be the option when deep bass get a little tough.”

The Ned Bomb from Missile Baits has given Ned Rig anglers another tool to catch bass and the addition of 6 Tail Colors will be a totally new look for anglers to serve up to the bass. The Ned Bomb is a 3.25” soft plastic ribbed bait that has a beaver shaped tail. It comes in 16 total color options. The Ned Bomb comes in a 10-count bag for a suggested retail price of $3.99 and are available to ship now.


MISSILE BAITS is a small company dedicated to creating SERIOUS soft plastic baits to help anglers catch more fish. The designs are straight off the top-level professional bass tour. Based in Salem, Virginia, MISSILE BAITS works relentlessly to make the best baits, show their customers how to use them, and stay on the cutting edge of bass fishing. Founded in January 2012, new products and videos will continue to be launched. Log onto www.MISSILEBAITS.com for videos, tips, forums, and more.