Melanoma is No Joke: Reese, Ehrler remove stitches

Skeet Reese and Brent Ehrler removing stitches from Skeet’s lower back following the removal of Melanoma.  This should act as a reminder to do two things for all of us anglers who spend so much time out on the water.

#1 Cover up or use a good sunscreen and apply frequently
#2 Get yourself checked often.

Melanoma can be deadly; here is what the Cancer Treatment Centers of America have to say about it.

What is melanoma?


Melanoma is a form of cancer that begins in melanocytes, specialized cells in the skin that produce the brown pigment known as melanin. These are the cells that darken when exposed to the sun, a protective response to protect the deeper layers of the skin from the harmful effects of the sun.


Melanoma is highly curable if caught early, but is much more likely than other forms of skin cancer to spread if left untreated.

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