Meet the Cerros

Successful bass fishing is defined by feel, knowing exactly what is happening at the end of the line and delivering educated inputs to the lure to create strikes. With a stunning feature set, 3mm reduction in total width and both right and left hand retrieve, all-new Okuma Cerros delivers incredible comfort and control, operating as an extension of the hand.

In the hand, anglers immediately notice Cerros’ takes a deep seat in the palm. The left side plate is 3mm narrower than any previous Okuma design, bringing the angler’s grip more in line with the rod and offering increased confidence overall. The machined aluminum frame serves as a powerful foundation for the hand while EVA knobs greet the cranking hand with cushioned comfort.

Nine bearings plus Quick-Set anti-reverse bearing set free enhanced casting distance from the machined aluminum spool and ultra-smooth cranking while delivering immediate and authoritative hook sets. Anglers will appreciate a full 24-point magnetic cast control for precise spool braking for all casting weights and wind conditions. And as conditions change, Cerros offers an easy side plate access port for quick spool changes.

Two right hand models include the CR-266V with 6.6:1 gear ratio and CR-273V with 7.3:1 gear ratio. Left hand availability includes the CR-266VLX with 6.6:1 gear ratio. All models deliver 11-pounds of maximum drag output through the multi-disc composite drag system governed by micro-click star adjustment.

See the full Okuma line up here.