Matt Lee and KVD talk Texas Fest on Lake Travis

Two of professional bass fishing’s classiest guys, Matt Lee, who is getting married in 16 days, and Kevin VanDam who has been married for 26 years, gladly took a break from the 95-degree sunshine in Central Texas to sit in the shade and answer a few questions about this week’s Toyota Bassmaster Texas Fest to Benefit Texas Parks and Wildlife Department that starts Thursday on Lake Travis.

Q: Lake Travis is super healthy and full of fish. What’s the most number of bass you caught in a single practice day here this week?

Matt Lee: 30
KVD: 75

Q: Name two lures we’ll see Elite Series pros slinging on Lake Travis to try to catch a big fish that will go a long way in separating themselves from the pack?

Matt Lee: Topwater and a swimbait
KVD: Swimbait and a big creature bait

Q: There’s a lot of clear water on Lake Travis. Will the front deck of your boat be more full of Quantum spinning reels, or baitcasting reels?

Matt Lee: An equal mix
KVD: Just about even.

Q: When the scales stop spinning after Day 1 – how much weight would you guess the guy sitting in 20th place will have?

Matt Lee: 16 pounds
KVD: 16 pounds

Q: The hilarious and talented B.A.S.S. photographer, James Overstreet wants to know, if you could only eat one species of fish, what would it be?

Matt Lee: walleye
KVD: yellow perch from the Great Lakes region