Matt Lee and Casey Ashley Make Ross Barnett Predictions

Matt Lee and Casey Ashley both finished in the Top 12 at the most recent Bassmaster Elite Series tournament on Toledo Bend, but what will a crowded Ross Barnett Reservoir bring?













The two young guns graciously share their findings and expectations on the eve of competition at the shallow, wind-swept, reservoir near Jackson, Mississippi.

How many alligators have you seen during the 3-day practice period this week?

Matt Lee: I’d say 25 to 35.
Casey Ashley: I’d say at least 50.

What do you like best about Ross Barnett?

Matt Lee: That I get to stay at my buddy Taylor Ramey’s really cool cabin.
Casey Ashley: That I drew boat #1. I get to go out first on a fishery that’s gonna fish super crowded.

What’s the biggest challenge here at Ross Barnett?

Matt Lee: Fishing pressure, and muddy water.
Casey Ashley: Finding somewhere to fish that hasn’t already been hammered by another competitor.

Name 4 lures most pros will have tied on this week.

Matt Lee: Texas rigged plastics, a heavy Texas rigged ‘punch’ style bait, a soft plastic stick bait, and a spinnerbait.
Casey Ashley: Swim jig, frog, Texas-rigged creature bait, and a topwater.

How much weight will an angler have to average each day to make the Top 12 cut on the final day?

Matt Lee: 15 pounds a day
Casey Ashley: 15 pounds a day