Marty The Party’s Wife Knows it Pays to Tow with a Toyota

Bassmaster Elite Series pro and plumbing contractor Marty “The Party” Robinson knows a lot about PVC pipe fittings and flipping sticks, but he’ll be quick to admit he could care less about working on his tow vehicle.


His wife Iris, who Gerald Swindle lovingly nicknamed “Iris Taters” several years ago, will be quick to tell you she buys Toyota, because she says, “I know Marty isn’t going to do maintenance on my Sequoias, so I’d better get something that’s really dependable, not to mention when he does well in tournaments, we win Bonus Bucks because he tows with a Tundra.”


Marty’s recent 3rd Place finish at the Bassmatser Elite Series event on the St. Johns River made Mrs. Robinson and her boys feel like winners when they realized his high finish netted $3,000 in Bonus Bucks – and Mom was quick to grab the ‘bucks’.


Indeed the Robinson family is a faith-based foursome that loves to laugh, fish, and compete in everything from backyard volleyball to dancing contests, and sons Marshall, age 12, and Mitchell, age 10 would rather be engaged in soft plastic swimbaits and Texas-rigged Zoom trick worms than just about anything life has to offer two kids from Lyman, SC.


They’re a fun loving bunch, but taking time-out for auto maintenance isn’t on the list.


“She’s right,” laughs Marty. “I don’t want to have to do any maintenance on my trucks – that’s why I’ve bought three Tundras, and Iris has had two Sequoias, from Scott Clark Toyota during my 10 years as a pro. The greatest reason we’re a Toyota family is simple –they’re dependable, and it’s the best tow vehicle I’ve ever owned.”


Like Marty, you don’t have to win a tournament to win the “Bonus Bucks” – you just have to be a registered participant in any of the dozens of tournaments sanctioned by Bonus Bucks, and be the highest-placing participant. To get signed-up, please visit or phone (918) 742-6424, and ask for Kristie or Kendell and they can also help you get signed-up.