Lure Parts Online Teams Up With Elite Angler Bill Lowen

(Springfield, IL – February 24, 2016) – Bassmaster Elite Series angler Bill Lowen just can’t leave well-enough alone. And if you share his passion for catching bass then that’s a good thing for you. Lowen is a habitual tinkerer. The premise is that there isn’t such a thing as a lure that cannot be improved. Spinnerbaits are analyzed and often modified. Jigs skirts are tied up in custom patterns and then tweaked until they are right. Crankbaits and topwater plugs are evaluated and adjusted. For the 8-time Bassmaster Classic qualifier, this relentless pursuit of perfection results in more fish in the boat and an advantage over other anglers on the water.

Bill Lowen 2016 rig

Lowen describes the obsession in his own words by saying “It is all about developing an arsenal of baits that I believe are the best suited for the conditions I will face. My goal going into each Bassmaster tournament is to dial in to the feeding patterns and then throw the lures that have been hand-tuned for those situations. I change, modify, tweak, and customize my gear constantly during practice to figure out what the fish are going to eat on tournament day.”

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Lowen has come to rely on the unparalleled selection of lure making components at over the years to make the necessary adjustments to his lures. The staff is now relying on Lowen to help them identify and stock all the necessary products and lure enhancements for dedicated bass anglers to gain the competitive advantage on the tournament trail. All bass anglers will benefit from this partnership.

LPO C.E.O. Ron Stevens said “Working with Bill makes perfect sense for Bill’s obsession with tinkering, tweaking, and customizing baits has contributed significantly to his success. As the world’s leading supplier of tackle building supplies, we are proud to partner with him, and in this capacity, to help fuel his future accomplishments. We are excited about his ideas for new products that only a professional like him can provide. He travels the entire country and is in tune with the bass fishing environment. Bill spends hours on the water, talking with other pros, learning new techniques and developing lure modifications. As a result, we’ll be able to offer the best possible selection of true and tested products to make your day on the water a success.”

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