LL Pointer 170 / Joe Thomas

Lucky Craft pros Joe Thomas explains how he fishes with the LL Pointer 170. The Pointer 170 is the smallest of the three lures in Lucky Craft’s new Lipless Pointer Series. The 170 is a jointed sinking jerkbait that is 6 ¾ inches and also weighs just shy of 2 ounces. This lipless pointer is a wonderful early and late season muskie lure when the fish are really active. The line tie on the 170 comes straight out from the nose so it produces a tighter swimming action as compared to the Pointer 180. Throw it out, count it down to your desired depth, then reel – jerk – swim – pause to produce that unique erratic action and be sure to hang on! The Lipless Pointer Series will initially be available in ten colors: MS MJ Herring, Laser Rainbow Trout, Parrot Shad, Cream Yellow Perch, Flash Blue Herring, Ghost Rainbow Trout, Ghost Northern Pike, Aurora Gold Northern Perch, Ghost Bluegill, Sexy Chartreuse Shad. Video footage by Reel in the Outdoors.

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