Livingston Lures Unveils New Series of Technologically Advanced Baits

SAN ANTONIO, Texas – As has been the case for the past several years, Livingston Lures wowed the fishing world at the recent International Convention of Sportfishing Trades (ICAST) convention in Orlando, Florida. Already the world leaders in bait technology thanks to Electronic Baitfish Sounds™ (EBS) and EBS MultiTouch™, Livingston unveiled a series of exciting new baits and technologies that will again change the way we fish, including the world’s first BlueTooth®-compatible lures.

Here’s a brief look at the new offerings that Livingston unveiled at ICAST:

B Viper and B Venom: Designed by Team Livingston pro and swimbait pioneer Byron Velvick, the 6- and 8-inch B Viper and B Venom swimbaits will be the first lures in the world to incorporate BlueTooth® Low Energy (BLE) technology, and connectivity to a smartphone app that will allow the angler to choose between 30 EBS sounds. The baits are equally revolutionary in their design, with uniquely lifelike action, removable/adjustable ballast weight systems that will allow them to be fished from the surface down to 25 feet, and details (360-degree rotating hooks, sideways line tie, etc.) that only a swimbait master like Velvick could design.

Walking Boss Part II: This bait has already proven to be a difference-maker for several Team Livingston pros throwing early-run models for post-spawners. The Walking Boss II takes the elongated walking-bait body of the original Walking Boss, adds a second/jointed body section and a flared, double-cupped lip and dressed treble hooks, and ties it all together with EBS MultiTouch™ to produces the most unique, sashaying/plopping/bubbling topwater action and sound anyone has ever seen.

Howeller Deep Plus: Attentive fans of the sport will recognize this 4 ¼-inch, 1.76-ounce ultra-deep diver from BASSFest on Kentucky Lake and Lake Chickamauga, where Livingston pro Stetson Blaylock piled up a handful of 21-plus-pound bags cranking the Howeller Deep Plus on the deep ledges of these two Tennessee River fisheries. The Deep Plus takes the wicked action of the original Howeller Dream Master Classic body, dives to the 25- to 30-foot range, and enhances it all with EBS MultiTouch™ to create the most unique combination ever unleashed on deep-structure fish.

Deep Impact 6 & 12: The Deep Impact 18 was a slight departure for Livingston in 2014, with smoother lines, a slightly wider wobble, and a different EBS™ “footprint” than baits like the PrimeTyme and Howellers, but the DI 18 was a smashing success for mid/deep cranking. New for 2015-16, the Deep Impact 6 and 12 bring the original 18’s EBS MultiTouch™-enhanced action to a wider range of depths and applications.

FlatMaster: Built on the hard-vibrating foundation of the PrimeTyme 2.0 SQ and then compressed into a tight-wobbling flatsided form that Team Livingston pro Jacob Powroznik developed prior to the 2015 Bassmaster Classic, the FlatMaster is your new best weapon in the cold waters of late fall and winter. The FlatMaster will run slightly deeper than similar baits – 7 to 9 feet on 10-pound fluorocarbon – and brings the added attraction of EBS MultiTouch™ (Original™ or Shad™ in clear water, Craw™ in stained water)

SpinMaster: The hand-carved propbait is a staple in topwater tackle boxes throughout the South, but the Team Livingston SpinMaster takes the old tried-and-true prop and adds the following: the PrimeTyme body, which imparts more action than the old, elongated wooden bodies; castability on windy days, where the old wooden models are brutally uncastable; EBS MultiTouch, which allows the bait to draw fish in with both the commotion of the bait’s two propellers, and at rest as EBS Shad™ or EBS Original™ call the fish to the bait.

Walk N Pop 65: When the Walk N Pop 77 hit the market early this year, it instantly became THE popper of choice for serious topwater anglers, thanks to its design and the power of EBS MultiTouch™. Now the smaller Walk N Pop 65 provides the same dramatic topwater commotion and sound technology, but in a smaller body that provides even more pinpoint accuracy and increased castability into isolated windows (under docks and overhangs, small openings in lily pads, etc.).

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