Livingston Lures Redefines Topwater Bait Category with WALKING BOSS PART II

ORLANDO, Florida – With three Angler of the Year awards, a Bassmaster Classic victory, three Rookie of the Year trophies, 33 wins and 239 combined tour-level Top 10s among them, the seven members of Team Livingston know a thing or two about baits. So it’s time to sit up and listen when they talk about the new WALKING BOSS PART II:

Livingston Lures Walking Boss IIRandy Howell (2014 Bassmaster Classic champion): “I’ve stopped throwing almost all my other topwater baits. I’ve caught fish everywhere I’ve thrown the Walking Boss II – Guntersville, the California Delta, Kentucky Lake, Havasu, you name it – and I can’t wait to throw it in the Great Lakes for smallmouth. I love my Howellers, but this might be my favorite new bait.”

  • Andy Morgan (2013 & 2014 FLW Tour Angler of the Year): “This bait is the real deal, emphasis on the ‘real’. I’ve never thrown a bait like it, and I can guarantee you fish have never seen anything like it. That’s a fish-catching topwater bait … a BIG-fish catching topwater bait.”

When Livingston went to the drawing board in 2014, the goal was to engineer a topwater bait whose design matched the innovativeness of Livingston’s Electronic Baitfish Sounds (EBS) MultiTouch™ Technology (which emits the sounds of multiple bait species). One look at the Walking Boss II is all it takes to see that the goal was achieved.

From the dramatically flared, double-cup lip to the elongated, jointed, walking-bait body to the dressed/feathered No. 2 Mustad treble on the tail to the EBS MultiTouch™ sound, the 1-ounce, 4.7-inch Walking Boss II is a topwater bait that almost defies a category.

“This bait is by far one of the best overall new baits out there,” says 2013 Bassmaster Elite Series Rookie of the Year Hank Cherry. “You can fish it several different ways: you can walk it if you want like the original Walking Boss, or you can just reel it like a wake bait and it has an action like the old Jitterbug on steroids. It’s a bait you can multi-task with. And it’s very simple and user-friendly. All you really have to do if you don’t know how to walk a bait is cast and reel slow, and the bait does the rest all on its own.”

The Walking Boss II’s unique, exaggerated side-to-side sashaying action and spitting, burbling, “plippety-plop” noise profile are generated largely by a broad “scooped” lip, which immediately starts the action of the bait when the reel is engaged. As Cherry points out, though, the jointed/elongated Walking Boss body produces an even larger, noisier topwater profile that anglers can further enhance by switching sound modes from EBS™ Original to EBS™ Shad to EBS™ Craw. It’s a can’t-miss combination.

“Fish have just never seen anything like this before,” Cherry says. “The action is so unique, it’s almost impossible for me to describe it. I like to set it on EBS Shad and walk it, and when a fish takes a shot at it and misses it, I’ll reel it real slow to give it that slower, agitated action. It looks and sounds like an injured baitfish, and they’ll hit it again almost every time.”

THE TEAM LIVINGSTON LINE: The WALKING BOSS PART II is part of the Team Livingston series of baits, which combines innovative designs with Livingston’s revolutionary EBS MultiTouch Technology™, which allows the angler to “program” the baits with four different sound modes (EBS™ Original, EBS™ Craw and EBS™ Shad and silent mode). Team Livingston baits are all designed with premium components (stainless steel split rings, advanced rattles, etc.) and come in dozens of fish-catching colors.


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