Lineberger’s Elite Bound

The Northern B.A.S.S Opens are over and after the smoke had cleared I had finished the season in third place in points which means one thing……………..I qualified for Bassmaster Elite Series for 2016.  Making the Elites is something all anglers dream of doing but it is no easy task because you have to qualify for them. This is no easy task for anyone because of so much talent that fishes the Opens nowadays and ever harder for a guy who loves to keep a flipping sick in his hand and forced to use spinning equipment to secure my position.

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After arriving back in North Carolina the gratification of my hard work was finally setting in after feeing surreal after accomplishing something I have wanted for so long. So many questions run through my head; now what? Who do I need to contact? How do I secure sponsors? Where do I begin? All these questions will soon be answered but make no mistake, if you think fishing is hard, the business side gets even harder. I have talked to many people the past week and have had some very enlightening information handed to me. This is just not something you can sit down and Google but you have to put a lot of leg work in to get where you need to be.

Out of all the obstacles I face, my family has got my back.  The support of my family means everything and this is an asset on the journey we face. In away all the fishing I have done over the years has helped prepare us for the angler lifestyle and there will be no shock of me being away. Also I will not have to worry about things being taken care of while on the road which helps relieve a lot pressure.  My family understands every aspect of “angler” life and there is no doubt they will help me every way possible.

No doubt this will be an uphill climb but one I am prepared to try and conquer. I have to close with some great advice form a very wise man “Don’t get disappointed by the bad showings but learn from them. People a lot of times get knocked out of the game before every really understanding the speed and experience of the anglers around them. Go in knowing you are going to get schooled and learn from it. You have made the Elites, now you are about to learn how to be one!” Good Fishing Shane Lineberger

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