MIDWAY, AR — As the 2014 Bassmaster Classic kicks off in Birmingham, AL, Legend Boats today announced the release of its new flagship, the V-20. The V- 20 is a product of 10 years of R&D and a boat the builders call “perfected”. The V-20 is a 250 HP-rated 20’5” boat with a 96” beam, and has the largest front deck in the industry; one that’s 73” wide across the carpeted area of the front deck at the pedestal, 84” at the consoles, and over 105” long.

“This boat is everything we’ve ever heard that our customers desired” said Kody Bradbury, Legend Brand Manager. With over 52 square feet of room on the front deck and more storage than most could ever fill, the new V-20 is a sharp contrast from the current Legend lineup in terms of deck space, though remains very similar in style and overall look.

Highlights of the new V boat aside from the sheer amount of deck space include a 50-gallon belly-mounted fuel tank, a new Legend Infinity Tackle Storage System, built-in storage for up to 30 rods in individual tubes, room for up to 12” units flush-mounted in both bow and console, redesigned seats with improved Shock-Tec gel fill, an engine compartment that will make maintenance effortless, and a refined hull that keeps the incredible ride that Legend is known for while offering an extremely stable and fast running surface.

“This boat has absolutely everything a die-hard tournament bass fisherman could ever want, while simultaneously offering the comfort that a customer who demands the finest would expect” said Dean Smith, Legend CEO.

The V-20 was unveiled today at the start of the Bassmaster Classic Outdoor Expo in Birmingham, AL. More information and details can be found on Legend’s newly redesigned website here: http://ridewithalegend.com

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