LC Gunfish Reviewed

The Lucky Craft Gunfish line is the premium topwater that you’ve been waiting for since the days of your Daddy’s Zara Spook. With modern technology, the Gunfish now casts further and walks easier without compromising the integrity and fish catching ability of the lure.

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 11.48.24 AMThe detailing and colors in the Lucky Craft lineup are second to none. Colors like Green Aurora Perch, and Aurora Black will call up big fish from the depths. The steady side to side sashay of the Gunfish combines with it’s flattened face to spit and slash its way through the water. A twitch-twitch-pause technique allows the internal rattles to roll to a stop as it settles. This allows tentative fish to home in on their meal before exploding on the Gunfish.The 2 super sharp trebles of the 95 and 115 models stick fish if they even think about sniffing this lure. A professionally tied rear treble comes standard on every lure and helps to coax those wary lunkers.The Gunfish is a great choice for targeting big fish throughout the size lineup but the new 135 size is built for extreme duties.

On lakes with blueback herring or even when used on mean saltwater fish this size is a proven producer. Tie it on and cast it a country or nautical mile. Most importantly, the gunfish is a fun bait to fish. What’s better than catching a monster on top water? No matter where you are in the country, this bait will get you more strikes and more fun days on the water. Good Fishing, Doug Cameron.

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