Lane’s Winning Lure

Luck-E-Strike’s highly anticipated new line of Live Motion soft plastics, set to debut this summer, got some advanced spring billing thanks to Luck-E-Strike Elite series pro Chris Lane.

IMG_1167Lane dominated the Bassmaster Elite at Sabine River presented by STARK Cultural Ventures, near Orange, Texas, posting a wire-to-wire victory, and gave much credit to one of the new lures in the lineup, the 3.5” Drop Dead Craw. Chris started designing with Luck-E-Strike on several signature lures for the Live Motion series last fall, and envisioned a subtle flipping bait –which became the Drop Dead Craw. Lane got a few dozen prototypes of the Drop Dead Craw just prior to the Sabine Elite event. He promptly put the new lure into play and it was the secret to his Sabine success.

“This new Live Motion Drop Dead Craw is one of the most versatile soft plastics I’ve ever seen,” says Lane. Lane says that what he loves most about the lure is that, even when pulled slowly, the Drop Dead Craw still gives plenty of action. Chris summarized the lure by saying “the minute you see this lure, your first thought is ‘that bait right there will catch fish.’” Turns out, Chris’ instincts about the craw flipping bait were dead on. Congrats, Chris!

Look for the new Live Motion Series from Luck-E-Strike coming to your favorite retailer soon. The Chris Lane Signature Series will include a 2” Drop Dead dropshot lure, a solid body toad, several classic worm styles and some innovative new swim baits, in addition to the Drop Dead Craw.

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See the entire Luck-E-Strike line up here.

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