KVD Betting on the Moon at REDCREST

Kevin VanDam sat working on tackle Tuesday evening amid a perfect 65-degree late winter sunset over Lake Eufaula, but most of his thoughts were focused on the moon.

Tuesday at REDCREST was tougher than expected on Kevin VanDam. He managed just three scoreable Lake Eufaula largemouth for a total of 8 pounds, but still good enough for 10th place after two days of competition and the chance to move on to Wednesday’s Knockout Round.

And he’s still betting on all the goodness an approaching full moon is about to deliver.

“See that moon?” questioned VanDam to his avid angler buddy Joe who owns the lake home where he’s staying. “That moon is 90% full, and with water temps now 55-60, that means spring’s magic is about to happen,” he stated in confident VanDam style.

He knows the majority of Southeast Alabama’s largemouth will likely spawn around March 28th next month, but the “early bloomers” will show up this week during MLF’s REDCREST to kick off the annual reproductive ritual.

He’ll continue to throw a Strike King Thunder Cricket, and mix-in a swim jig too in less than 4-feet of water. It’s the pattern that’s worked well enough this week that VanDam sees no reason to change. In fact, he thinks it will actually get stronger.

The “pork pattern” continues to bode well too. He’s eaten pulled pork sandwiches every day in the boat for lunch. Smoked pork tenderloin for dinner Monday night. And was grilling pork chops for dinner Tuesday night.

“I’m just trying to fish areas where I know they’re coming to spawn, because I know when that first wave of fresh spawners come shallow, things can get really good in a hurry,” he warned prior to Wednesday’s Knockout Round.

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