Jimmy Reese FLW Pro Announces Agreement with BOING LURES

Jason Yocum owner CEO of Boing Lures based in Indiana has agreed to a partnership agreement with FLW Touring Professional Jimmy Reese. “I am so excited about working with Jason and his company. We have been brain storming for weeks now. Jason and I have so much in common and are excited about the future of his brand. We both understand the importance of building strong long term relationships as well as giving back to the industry” Boing Lures a top water Lure company based in Indiana has been around for a few years now and really has been kept a secret by some of the Bass and FLW tour guys. “These lures flat out catch fish!” The unique sound these baits make when walking across the surface gives the fish a different low to high frequency sound for them to react to. These hand painted Boing Lures are coated with a durable epoxy to help protect the paint and look absolutely amazing.”

The strategic alliance between boing lures and FLW tour pro Jimmy Reese is built on the foundation that places a high value on family and fishing at a high level. Jimmy Reese is a consummate professional that understands fishing and helping others in the industry regardless of the level of fishing acumen that they possess. 2015 promises to be a tremendous year on the FLW tour so please stay tuned via the web links below to track his progression through the season. Boing lures would personally like to thank a few individuals: Fred Book, Todd Barnes, Tab Walker, all boing lures friends, and my father Charles Yocum.

You can check out more at  https://www.facebook.com/JimmyReeseProfessionalAngler?ref=hl  and  www.boinglures.net  and  https://www.facebook.com/BoingLures?ref=br_tf

Jimmy would also like to thank his Family, friends, sponsors and his media outlets for their continuous support. Jimmy’s Sponsors are RANGER, MERCURY, GARY YAMAMOTO, LOWRANCE, TOP THIS, BED RUG, BOING LURES, FRENZY BAITS, SOLAR BAT SUNGLASSES, ROBOWORM, BIG O TIRES, GAMAKATSU AND P-LINE