It’s the Little Things that Matter……

Every now and then, someone the fishing industry releases an idea so simple and so effective that causes anglers to scratch their heads and say, “Now, why didn’t I think of that?” Well, the first head-scratcher of 2016 comes from Bayou Rattler Products, and they are called “Sonar Balzz”.


Everyone knows how effective a carolina rig can be, or how adding a small glass bead to your flipping baits can produce that “clack” designed to mimic the sound of crayfish in the water. Bayou Rattler’s Sonar Balzz take lure enhancement to another level, offering a bead that is filed with micro pellets – essentially a bead filled with beads. The result? Near constant, subtle noise emanating from your bait, loud enough to attract the fish and natural enough to keep from “spooking” them away from your presentation.

Available in an array of colors, Sonar Balzz are one of the simplest modifications you can make to any bait that add an extra stimulus for the bass to key in on, making your presentation more attractive.   From slower presentations like flipping baits to moving presentations like spinner baits – Sonar Balzz can enhance any lure, and may just result in more fish in your live well.

Now why didn’t I think of that…….

Good fishing, Chris Murphy

Get yours Sonar Balzz here.