It Did Not Disappoint

110 lbs of bass to win a 3 day derby!

This 8 pound 8 ounce largemouth that KVD caught represents well the huge bass, monstrous 5-basss limits, and great crowds of fishing fans and country music lovers that were a part of the 2014 Toyota Texas Bass Classic on Lake Fork this past weekend.

1 KVD big bass TTBC 1


Thanks to an awesome number of volunteers, morning launch went extremely smooth for 50 of the world’s best bass pros.

2 morning launch 2


Mike Iaconelli shares a 7 pound 8 ounce bass with his fish-loving young son, Vegas.

3 Iac Vegas 7 lb 8 oz  3


Iaconelli hoists his fat green Lake Fork bass up for thousands of fans at the outdoor weigh-in.

4 Ike 7.8 stage 4


Iaconelli’s Toyota teammate, Terry “Big Show” Scroggins, caught a giant 9 pound 8 ounce Lake Fork bass on Day One of the Toyota Texas Bass Classic. Scroggins has been very successful at events held on Lake Fork.

5 Big Show Big Bass 5


The bass aren’t the only big thing at the Toyota Texas Bass Classic. Crowds to see concerts after weigh-in each night are awesome too.

6 large crowds 6


Little Big Town performed hits like “Boondocks” and “Pontoon” for fishing fans after weigh-in on Saturday night.

7 Little Big Town 7


A team of volunteers rides with the pros to serve as scoring officials. They use a 2-way radio to report the weight of every keeper bass as it’s boated. The vast majority of the largemouth are then immediately released in an effort to eliminate the handling of as many bass as possible.

8 Scoring officials 8


VanDam shows off the oversized Quantum EXO 200 reel and an extra large swimbait he used in search of Lake Fork’s green monsters.

9 KVD EXO Swimbait 9


A BBQ contest is a big part of the Toyota Texas Bass Classic – and this year’s proud overall winner was Craig Sharry.

10 BBQ Sharry 10


Justin Moore loves to hunt and fish when he’s not playing music like he did for thousands of fans just before the final weigh-in on Sunday afternoon.

11 Justin Moore 11


And with lyrics like “catchin’ bream on a Zebco” and “he can’t even bait a hook” – Moore’s words resonate well on bass fishing fans.

12 J  Moore 12


With an on-stage monologue that would have rivaled Larry The Cable Guy, bass fishing’s funniest man, Gerald Swindle, played well to fans also.

13  Swindle Larry Cable Guy 13


Whether listening to concerts, Swindle, or watching big bass get weighed-in – fans were plentiful.

14 listening fans 14


Nobody caught more giant bass than Keith Combs this weekend.

15 nobody more than Combs 15


Combs caught a mind-boggling 110 pounds of bass in three days – easily earning the LEER Heavyweight Award. His catch is believed to be an all-time record for a 3-Day event involving modern day 5-bass limits.

16 Combs b Leer 16


Combs is the only 3-time winner of the Toyota Texas Bass Classic – dominating the event’s young but awesome 8-year history.

17 Combs c $100K  17