Introducing the Victory Deep

EVOLVE Fishing Co.’s hardbait subsidiary, Soul5 Tackle Labs, releases the VICTORY DEEP 17+ deep diving crankbait. Fish holding deep- beware. The Victory Deep comes as the result of a year in development, and numerous iterations of internal body structure design. Castability, performance, premium components, and value are all cornerstones of the Soul5 product lineup, and the Victory Deep was developed with the same principles. Currently available exclusively at



“We developed the bait to bounce and dig bottom at 17 feet when fished with traditional heavy cranking gear”, says Derek Carr, EVOLVE’s founder and lead designer. “Consensus from field staff is that with 12 lb. mono, and on long casts, 20 feet is absolutely achievable”.  The Victory Deep has incredible detailing, and comes complete with gorilla-strong components, VMC hooks, and the trademarked Soul5 logo stamped into the rear of the bait. All 8 currently available color patterns were designed with pro insight, and are available at this link:



“One of the first things anglers will notice when they hold the bait is the semi-flat sided profile the Victory Deep has”, notes Carr. “This gives it a beautiful action in the water; it’s not too heavy of a rolling wobble, but not too tight- it’s just right”.  The bait puts out a ton of vibration, and can be bounced off deep structure or bottom to trigger monster strikes. The Soul5 line is built with one guiding philosophy: never sacrifice. “The mission with the Victory Deep, and really the future of the Soul5 lineup, is to provide anglers with the best tools possible, complete with premium stock components, killer performance, and at an unbeatable value. Stay tuned for our SoulJerk 115 hyper-responsive jerkbait; set to release in about 2 weeks.” Visit, and for more information and to purchase. The company is currently taking Pro and Field Staff applications via [email protected]. Please attach a resume.