Introducing the Cutter 90+

It won’t be long before the boys of summer will be taking the field for spring training all around the country, and you can bet major league pitchers will be mixing a “cutter” in to their pitching arsenal.

Thanks to the guys at Berkley, now you, too, can throw a Cutter this spring! The new Berkley Cutter is a revolutionary new jerk bait that sets a new standard for pre-spawn fishing. Available in three models (90, 110, and Skinny 110), the Cutter series was designed to cover every aspect of jerk bait fishing.

The Cutter 90+ is a 3.5” suspending jerk bait that weighs in at 3/8 Oz, allowing you to cast with ease thanks to the internal weight system no matter what conditions you may encounter on the water.

FullSizeRenderWhether fished with the traditional jerk/pause cadence, ripped, burned or just reeled in using a standard retrieve, the coffin shaped bill of the Cutter 90+allows for maximum action with minimal rod movement, as well as forcing the bait to its desired depth quickly.   The result: less fatigue after a long day on the water.


With twelve eye catching colors and armed with super sharp Fusion 19 treble hooks, the Cutter 90+ is just about perfect right out of the package.

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 8.45.04 AM

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