I admit it….. I’m addicted

I check it all the time now during Elite Series Events.  I’m researching past angler performances, weather trends, and generating a “who’s got the hot hand” list before I make my critical decisions.  It keeps me awake a little longer at night, but it’s worth it, just don’t ask my wife about it.

What am I talking about?  I’m talking about WWW.FANTASYBASS.COM, the new fantasy bass series on the Internet, and in my opinion, the best.  Here’s why:

Every week I pick ten (10) anglers, any ten I want, based upon how I think they will finish in the current Bassmaster Elite Series Event.  No tiers, no money to spend (which I enjoy in the FLW format), just the ten guys who, after my research and a little assistance from my five year old daughter, who wants Justin Lucas to “win the chalice” every week, I think will finish the highest in that event.  I then pick what I believe will be the winning tournament weight, just in case there’s a tie with another fantasy player.  As competitive as I am, a lot of research goes into my picks, as the potential stakes are pretty high.

FANTASYBASS.COM locks everyone out as the tournament begins, and you go head to head with other players.  At the end of the tournament, points are tallied, and the top fantasy players receive some substantial prizes for EVERY TOURNAMENT, with no limit to how many times you can win!  Every week, you can walk away with coolers, rods, reels, autographed books, magazines, grills and more, and it only costs $10 to join for the season.  In week one, I finished in 5th place, which earned me an Ardent bait casting reel valued at $150; makes that entry fee look real small doesn’t it?

Here’s the best part: I’m improving my fishing knowledge as I go.  I’m analyzing a lot of the same data (weather, time of year, spawn stage, winning pattern, etc.) that I would if I were fishing the event, and as you know, mental practice is key to becoming a successful tournament angler.  Participating in FANTASYBASS.COM also adds just a little bit more interest into a sport I love.  Normally, I wouldn’t care who comes in 10th place.  Now, I’m real concerned!  That tenth place finisher could land a new rod & reel combo on my boat deck!

Head on over to WWW.FANTASYBASS.COM and sign up today, and don’t be upset if you finish behind “Murphangler” in the next tournament, I play for keeps!

Chris Murphy

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