Husband and Wife Killed in Boat Crash


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GATES COUNTY, N.C. (WAVY) — A Virginia couple were killed in a boat crash on the Chowan River Saturday.

Sheriff Ed Webb, of Gates County, told two boats collided around 2:45 p.m. where the Nottoway and Black River meet.

Two men on a bass boat were traveling north when they struck another bass boat, according to Lt. Mark Rich of the North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commission.

The passengers on the second boat were identified as 42-year-old Douglas Martin an 35-year-old Angela Martin, of Sedley, Virginia.

Sheriff Ed Webb said the two men told authorities the Martins’ boat made a sudden turn, which caused their boat to travel over the top of the Martin’s boat, hitting and killing them.

“They explained to us that the boat came and was meeting on the river. He made a turn hard to his right and started on his right side. At that point, he made a hard left, cut across in front of him, and the boat that the individuals were not injured went over top of this boat, as you see here behind us,” Webb told

The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission is now investigating the crash. They are trying to reconstruct the accident to determine if anyone should be at fault. The investigation could take about a week. Then, the findings will be handed to the district attorney overseeing Gates County, who will determine if any charges could be brought.

The two surviving boaters did not receive medical treatment.

More information will be released as it becomes available. Stay with for updates.

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