Hog Farmer – Tremoring Hog Ties

This bait just catches big bass. The rocking wobble and the tied bucktail combined seem to be a recipe for big bites like this 6lbs ledge hammer!

Combining HogFarmer’s unequalled craftsmanship with a vibration-packed tremoring bill, the HogFarmer Baits Tremoring Hog Ties deliver a hybrid design that will keep your lines tight. Fitted with a durable rubber bill, the HogFarmer Baits Tremoring Hog Ties provide a heavy pulsation that you can feel running all the way up the line and into the palm of your hand.

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 10.04.33 AM

On the backside, the HogFarmer Baits Tremoring Hog Ties are fitted with a combination of hair, feather, and flash that generates a flowing attraction with any variation of retrieve. Backed by a super-sharp Mustad needle point hook, the HogFarmer Baits Tremoring Hog Ties offer the ultimate combination of time-tested materials and hard-thumping attraction.

Albino – A blend of white on white, silver accent, with 8 white hackles.

Herringback – A gray on white, silver and “Herring Back” Krystal Flash accents, with gray and white hackles.

LemonBerry – A white with light gray hair, chartreuse and purple Krystal Flash accents, with gray, chartreuse, and white hackles

Mad Boar – Like the Albino, but with red accents and a red thread collar.

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