Hank’s Plastic of Choice

Elite Series pro Hank Cherry, was happy to show off a couple of his go to baits for the spawn, one is a beaver the other is a craw. That probably is not to much of a surprise, the difference is the brand of baits.  Cherry chooses, plastics from the legendary Creme Lure Company. In 1951 Creme Lures brought to market the first plastic worm it was the Creme Wiggle Worm. Fast forward sixty-five to 2016, the “Scoundrel” name sake of Creme Lures has been joined by the Same Thing line up. The Same Thing bass consists of nine bass catching shapes that will look very familiar to you…. in fact they are the Same Thing at about half the price.

Do your self a favor and check out what’s new (and old) at CremeLures.com

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