“G”s Lipsless Class

Here are a few short preview clips of Gerald “GMAN” Swindle’s new 50-minute lipless crankbait class on The Bass University TV.  Watch this incredibly entertaining class today and learn Gerald’s shortcuts to finding success on and off the water!

Have you seen Gerald’s Other Classes?

-Positive Mental Attitude Class:

Gerald is well known for his ability to overcome difficult situations on the water and put fish in the boat.  Gerald has seen tough times throughout his life, as we all do. He will share how he was able to find success after re-arranging priorities and making life more enjoyable on and off the water. Gerald’s class on developing a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) is full of eye-opening information and tips for every bass angler. Gerald understands that there is much that we can all improve upon to become better anglers, which is parallel to The Bass University’s motto to “Never Stop Learning.”  Gerald’s advice for all anglers is to always stay positive and continue moving forward!

“We (instructors) all talk about the lures and the things that we can do to help you be a better fisherman. There is one thing I can promise you: If you follow me through the next 45 minutes, I can make you a better fisherman. When you sustain a Positive Mental Attitude on the water and in life, you become a better fisherman”  -Gerald Swindle

Short preview clips only, Click here to watch the entire class


-Simplicity of Jig Fishing class:

As with most everything the GMAN does, he will teach Bass University TV students how to keep their jig selection “SIMPLE”. Following Gerald’s approach to simple jig fishing and selection just might make your bass fishing trips a whole lot easier!  All together, Gerald guides the class through the “When, Where, and Which” for a variety of situations of fishing with jigs.

Short preview clips only, Click here to watch the entire class

-About Gerald:

Gerald Swindle, AKA GMAN has been fishing professionally for over 17 years and he is well known as one of the most passionate personalities on the Bassmaster Elite Series.  He has won the BASS Angler of the Year title and he is one of the most resourceful/ versatile competitors.  Gerald absolutely loves bass fishing and you don’t want to miss Gerald’s entertaining seminar style about his unique approachs on how to catch big bass!

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Gerald’s Rides:

To learn more about Gerald Swindle, visit www.geraldswindle.com

Watch, listen, and learn from Gerald on The Bass University TV.


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