Get Hooked with Fusion 19

                                                             Fast sets, Sharp hooks!

Introducing the new Fusion 19 hooks from Berkley, nine hooks designed to meet your every need on the water.

Berkley examined the top fishing hooks on the market, identified the flaws of each and designed the Fusion line up to create perfect hook design. Berkley’s new SLICKSET coating combined with high carbon steel and super sharp hook points produces a hook that will turn a novice angler into a seasoned pro.

Along with your line, your hook is the most critical connection to the fish and the new Fusion design innovations allow for better penetration with less force – resulting in more fish being successfully hauled to the boat at the end of the day.

Hooks invariably wear over time, becoming dull and a risk to the fisherman who requires hook penetration to ensure their catch. Berkley’s Fusion Series eliminate the need to re-sharpen, as the high tensile strength carbon steel and SLICKSET coating create a strong, durable, and ultra-sharp hook point that stands up to all fishing conditions

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The Fusion Series offers nine (9) hooks in the line up, covering everything from a size 4 drop shot hook to a mega 7/0 swimbait hook. Each re-sealable package contains a hook guide that helps with lure selection to assist the angler in creating lure offerings that perform at a top level while maintaining the lifelike action of their design. Berkley’s Fusion hooks are going to find away into every anglers tackle box..

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