G-Force™ Cull System from T-H Marine

In tournament fishing, its imperative to weigh in your best five, as in some cases the tournament can be won by mere ounces.  Finding a way to determine your heaviest fish while handling the fish as little as possible to prevent mortality can be a daunting task, particularly when you land that sixth bass that looks an awful lot like two of the fish in your live well.

Enter the G-Force™ Cull System from T-H Marine, the only system that will allow you to cull fish while handling them only once, allowing the tournament angler to accurately determine which fish to cull while minimizing stress to the fish.  The unique design allows you to connect the cull float cord directly to the balance beam without re-hooking the fish.

During the FLW Rayovac Event on the Potomac River, I had the opportunity to cull several times.  Unfortunately for my tournament results, I found a school of 1.5-2 pound bass holding in a particular grass bed that just days before, in practice, held a school of 2.5-3 pound fish.  The G-Force™ Cull System made culling the proper fish an easy task – no weighing, no holding up to “eyeball” for comparison – all I had to do was attach the cull buoy, and then hang the two fish in question on the aluminum cull beam by the loop above the cull buoy.  After that initial attachment of the cull buoy and cord to the fish’s lower jaw, I never had to handle the fish again.  I also never had to throw a fish on a scale; I simply had to remember which color buoy was the smallest fish.

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As more and more tournaments are being held on our major bodies of water, it becomes OUR responsibility to ensure that the resource we love is conserved and that the bass we catch are returned to the fishery for future generations to enjoy.  Over handling of bass dramatically increases the mortality rate of tournament fish, and the G-Force™ Cull System is the best way I have found to maximize my efficiency on the water while simultaneously minimizing stress and damage to the fish.  Go to www.thmarine.com  today to order yours.

By Chris Murphy

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