FREE Webinar: Learn the “Art of Swimbaits” from Byron Velvick!

Livingston Lures pro reveals swimbait secrets this Saturday, Dec. 19 (6 p.m. CDT)

SAN ANTONIO, Texas – Over the course of a 25-plus-year professional fishing career, Livingston Lures pro Byron Velvick has dedicated tens of thousands of hours and exhaustive work to honing the art of the most productive “big-bite bait” in the world of bass fishing,

Byron Velvick Live Dec. 19 Webinar graphic

the swimbait. His hard work has paid off: Velvick has amassed two U.S. Open championships and several tour-level Top 10s, and still holds a 16-year-old record for heaviest total weight (83 pounds, 5 ounces) in a three-day B.A.S.S. event, all thanks to the swimbait.

And he’s prepared to let the world in on his secrets.

Velvick and Livingston Lures will host an exclusive FREE, live webinar this Saturday, Dec. 19 (6 p.m. CDT) dedicated to the nuts and bolts of catching more and bigger fish on both hard- and soft-bodied swimbaits. Titled the “Art of Swimbaits”, Velvick’s webinar will run the gamut from rigging to tackle to colors to the Electronic Baitfish Sounds™ (EBS) technology that make baits such as Velvick’s B-Viper and B-Venom swimbaits such effective tools for catching big fish.

“I think it’s safe to say that most people think of swimbaits as a great way to catch really big fish, but even with the amount of attention these baits have gotten in recent years, there are still so many details that people are missing,” Velvick says. “It’s an awesome bait, but it’s not automatic. I’m pretty excited to be able to turn the webinar camera on and really help bass anglers around the world better understand how to fish a swimbait.”


“Art of Swimbaits” will be easily accessible via desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices through a web banner/link on the front page of the Livingston Lures website ( Viewers can simply click on the banner/link, which will take them directly to the webinar page (no pre-registration required).

Velvick’s webinar will be interactive: if viewers have questions or comments throughout the presentation, Velvick will hold a Q&A session after the “class” session where anglers are encouraged to participate.

“If you have any questions about swimbaits, I’d really like to help answer them,” Velvick says.

Viewers who tune in to “The Art of the Swimbait” will also get an exclusive preview of Livingston’s EBS-powered B-Viper and B-Venom swimbaits, which will hit the market in 2016.

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