Fred Roumbanis Commando Roumbler

This is the bait that caught Fred’s 9 lb 3 oz monster largemouth at the 2014 Bassmaster Classic. The commando Roumbler is a revolutionary vibrating bait that incorporates a free swinging hook behind an oscillating coffin style blade. The free swinging hook provides a new dimension in fish catching action to an already proven bait style. As with all of the Pepper Commando series baits, the free swinging hook eliminates the fishes ability to leverage themselves loose which translates to more fish in your boat. The Roumbler comes with a 4/O Trokar swimbait hook, a hand tied #2 Gamakatsu feathered treble hook and a soft plastic swimbait. The swimbait and treble hooks can be interchanged to meet any fishing condition. The feathered treble is perfect for open water conditions, or to provide a smaller profile for tough to catch fish. The weedless swimbait hook is excellent in all conditions but shines in heavy cover.