Fishing Evolved

2016 – a new year on the water and a highly anticipated new hard bait has entered the market. Berkley hard baits have arrived, after four years of intense research and development with input from legendary lure designer and crank bait guru David Fritts. Touting a line up consisting of 11 lures to fit just about any situation one could encounter on the water, the new Berkley hard bait series will be a game changer in tournaments across the country.


Testing by a team of America’s top fishermen (Berkley test team included David Fritts, Justin Lucas, Josh Bertrand, Gary Cline and Scott Suggs) on some of the toughest lakes across the country resulted in “better actions, better finishes and more bites at a suggested retail of $6.95-$7.95” per bait, making Berkley hard baits effective and affordable.

Here at Bass East, we are excited to be a part of this product launch and will be bringing you in-depth reviews of each bait over the next few months.

Find all the new offerings from Berkley here.