First Look at First Bite

Reel Food is a Kansas snack food start-up company focused on making snacks to meet the needs and tastes of anglers and other outdoorsmen.  Founder Lisa Skolnick never intended to be a food entrepreneur, but was inspired to create a shelf-stable breakfast snack for her teenage son Noah when she saw so many unhealthy options at the gas stations and convenience stores where anglers fill up just prior to hitting the water.
Skolnick spent two years working with the Food and Grain Science Departments at Kansas State University to create First Bite Cheesy Bacon Flavor Breakfast Pockets.  In addition to making a tasty snack, Skolnick wanted to make sure First Bite was protein-rich, had no added sugar, and was easy to eat while driving or running between spots on the water.  “I credit Noah with making me appreciate that competitive bass fishing is just like any other competitive sport.  You need to eat well and sleep well to perform well.”
It is a happy coincidence that Kansas State University is also home to one of the top collegiate angling teams in the nation.  Noah had several mentors and boater coaches from the Kansas State Team who volunteered their time to support Kansas high school fishing.  Meeting the collegiate anglers inspired Skolnick to create a College Care Program, where Reel Food provides product support for team fundraising efforts.
Skolnick is looking forward to expanding brand and product recognition in 2019.  She is also excited about watching the continued expansion of collegiate fishing and the new MLF Bass Pro Tour.
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