Fall Floods Call for Banging Stumps with Primetyme Squarebill 2.0

It won’t be too long before the first big rains of fall start up around the country, and before bass make their transition to the very backs of creeks.

Hank Cherry fall stump-banging blog header

As I mentioned earlier this week in my blog about fall jerkbaiting (Change pace for fall jerkbait success), fish are currently on the move from the outside/entrance of creeks into the shallower waters further back into the creeks. As I write this, I’m looking at a forecast for heavy, heavy rains here in North Carolina thanks to Hurricane Joaquin. Now that’s just a little too much water, but the point is that we’re about at that time of year when you have lots of water pouring into the backs of creeks.

That’s a combination of conditions that adds up to banging stumps with a squarebill like the PRIMETYME SQUAREBILL 2.0 with Electronic Baitfish Sounds (EBS) MultiTouch™ technology.

Ask most people how they fish flooding creeks in the fall and they’ll say “spinnerbaits” or maybe “chatterbaits”. Those are great baits, but if you want to take a different approach, get just a little deeper into the back of a creek, and get a few more reaction bites, a Primetyme SQ 2.0 is the way to do it.

The process isn’t much different than in the spring, when you bang a squarebill off of riprap or wood, but you have to be gear up right to do it effectively. Here are a few stump-banging tips with the Primetyme SQ 2.0:

Mono is your friend: A lot of guys will run fluorocarbon or braid on their cranking rods, but for this particular application, I prefer P-Line CXX mono. I feel like the slight give and stretch of mono helps keep the bait free, instead of loading up and burying the hooks in wood.

Best EBS settings: It’s a reaction bite, so the EBS sound will make a difference. Either EBS Shad™ or EBS Craw™ are great for banging stumps. You’re up shallow where both crawfish and shad live, so both/either setting will work.

Choose colors accordingly: You’ll be fishing different levels of water clarity, so you’ll want a variety of different colors: shad colors like XXX Shad, Clearwater Shad, Charteuese shad, etc., and craw colors like Guntersville Craw and Yellow Craw.

Terminal gear: I throw the Primetyme SQ 2.0 on a 7-foot medium-heavy rod with a fast tip and a 6:4-1 Abu Garcia Revo MGX reel spooled with 17-pound P-Line CXX. This is slightly heavier then I’ll fish in the spring (15-pound CXX).

Keep a Primetyme CB 1.5 handy: As it gets a little cooler and fish move out a little, a PRIMETYME COFFIN BILL 1.5 is a good option. It’s more of a flat-sided bait, and flatsides are always a little better in colder water.
-Hank Cherry