Fall Fishing is Here!

Train on the water with The Bass University’s instructors:

Would you like to become better at catching big fish during the fall?  Learn more about the seasonal patterns during the fall from a professional angler by purchasing an on-water training trip for yourself and one optional guest!  Whether you are a beginner looking to learn the basics, or you are a tournament veteran looking for a competitive edge, our on-water training program is designed to improve your physical and mental skill-set on the water.

-Pete Gluszek’s training programs take place on the Delaware River (Pennsauken, NJ) and the Upper Chesapeake Bay (North East, MD).  Available dates:  September 12, 14, 15, 17-19. October 6-7, 9-31.  Dates subject to change, please contact us for additional information.

-Dave Mansue’s training programs take place on Toledo Bend Reservoir and Sam Rayburn Reservoir in Texas.  Available Dates: October: 1,2,6,7,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19.  November: 1-13  Dates subject to change, please contact us for additional information.

-George Cochran’s training programs take place on Lake Ouachita, Lake Hamilton, and several rivers within 200 miles of Hot Springs, Arkansas.   Please contact us for additional information.

-Mark Menendez lives in Paducah, Kentucky and his training programs take place on Kentucky Lake, Barkley Lake, and the rivers on the other side of these dams.  Please contact us for additional information.

-Randy Howell’s training trips take place within 2 hours of Birmingham, Alabama on Logan Martin Lake, Lay Lake, Neely Henry, the Alabama River and more!  Please contact us for additional information.

-Fred Roumbanis’ training trips take place on Grand Lake in Oklahoma.  Available dates: Most of October, November 14-21.  Dates subject to change, please contact us for additional information.

Ish Monroe’s training trips may be available throughout the country, most training trips will take place on bodies of water along this Bassmaster Elite Series and FLW Tour schedule.  Please contact us for additional information.

John Crews’ training trips will take place on Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia in the Fall of 2014!  More info coming soon.

*(Additional bodies of water that are located near the bodies of water listed below may be available for On-Water Training with an additional travel expense fee)

Please Read Additional On-Water Training Information:

Each training day is personalized to fit the needs of the on-water training student and one optional guest.  The Bass University’s instructors will work with each angler prior to the trip to develop a program that is designed to move their fishing knowledge and skill-set to the next level.  Once a program is developed, The Bass University’s instructors will take the students on the water to teach and share their personal experiences and knowledge from years of experience as a top professional angler.  On-Water Training is the best and fastest way to develop good angling skills that last a lifetime!

-Lessons Include: Proper Casting Techniques – Rigging – Identifying Fish Holding Targets – Seasonal Movements – Boat Positioning – Rough Water Boat Operation – Sonar/GPS/Side Imaging – Smallmouth vs Largemouth Patterns – Grass Fishing – Current Strategies – Breaking Down A New Body Of Water – Advanced Tournament Strategy

-Various Techniques Include: Cranking – Flipping – Topwater – Power Fishing- Finesse – Drop Shot – Carolina Rig And Much More!

Here is your chance to fish and be trained by veteran professional anglers!

How To Book On-Water Training Near You

-Click here for more information on our On-Water Training including instructors, locations, details, pricing, and more.

-You MUST contact us for available dates. Please do not register with an On-Water Training instructor until you contact us online for scheduling.  Please provide the instructor, preferred month, and body of water (info listed on the instructor’s OWT page) that you are interested in for OWT.

-Once we recieve your inquiry, we will check on the availability of the date(s) with the instructor.  Once the available date(s) are selected, purchasing one deposit amount on the instructor’s On-Water Training page for each training date you would like to purchase will officially book the date(s).  

-We will then send a training questionnaire for you and one optional guest to complete.  This questionnaire will help your instructor develop a personalized training strategy!

-Your instructor will contact you prior to the on-water training date to discuss meeting locations, times, and the personalized training strategy.

The Fine Print

Read about our policies and your responsibilities so your on-water training experience is the best it can be.


More Learning Opportunities:

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