Energy Balls and Insulin, Fuel Lee Brothers to Top 20 at La Crosse

One runs on insulin, the other on energy balls. Jordan majored in marketing, his older brother Matt majored in engineering. And while they tell each other everything, they fished their way independently to a Top 20 on Day 1 at the Plano Basssmaster Elite at the Mississippi River presented by Favorite Fishing.


Going into Day 1, did the two of you game plan a lot, some, or very little?

Jordan: Some. We talked a lot about our practice, but practice only goes so far. I really didn’t find them very well in practice. Most of what I caught today was by adjusting and fishing in the moment.

Matt: We tell each other everything about our practice. But we’re not in the same area during the tournament.


Did you see each other at all on Day 1?

Jordan: Nope, we never saw each other.

Matt: Nope, I don’t have a clue where Jordan fished, or where he caught ‘em.


What did you eat to fuel this great start to the final regular season Elite Series event of 2016?

Jordan: Before launch, I had a Monster and muffins. And while I was on the water, I had these energy balls that my girlfriend Kristen made me. They have oats, honey, cacao, chia seeds, flax, and peanut butter.

Matt: Not a whole lot. I ate a pack of peanut butter crackers. I adjust my insulin pump on tournament days to compensate for the sweat and lack of food. (Note: At age 22, Matt, a former Alabama High School State Baseball Champion was surprisingly diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. He now wears an insulin pump manufactured by Animas that provides him the perfect dose of Novo Nordisk insulin around the clock.)


Name 4 lures you’d advise every hardcore basshead to pack for La Crosse?

Jordan: Sexy Frog, 4” Strike King Rodent, square bill crankbait, and a drop shot.

Matt: Sexy Frog, shallow crankbait, a Texas-rigged soft plastic like a Strike King Rodent with at least a 1-ounce or heavier weight for ‘punching’ vegetation, and a shaky head.


School is back in session. What’s the one thing you wish you’d have done better or different during your days as a Carhartt Bassmaster College Series angler at Auburn?

Jordan: Those are the best times in life, and I wish I could spend more time with my buddies, like we had back then.

Matt: I live life with no regrets, and honestly, I loved every bit of it, especially my time with my buddies.