Dean Rojas – The Road to Victory

The First Annual Bass Brackets Champion is Dean Rojas.

Bass fishing met March Madness for the first time in 2015,  a new season is just around the corner so head on over to to get all the details

Find out how Dean made his way to the top.

Round 1
Location: Lake Guntersville
Opponent: Chris Lane
(10) Dean Rojas 11th Place (75.4 lbs)
( 7) Chris Lane 81st Place (30.7 lbs)

In round one Rojas was faced with a tough challenge. He was matched up with Chris Lane on his home water of Lake Guntersville. Rojas averaged almost 19-poinds of fish a day routing Chris Lane who struggled with the home water jinx.

Round of 32
Location: Sacramento River
Opponent: Timmy Horton
(10) Dean Rojas 3rd Place (78.2 lbs)
(15) Timmy Horton 8th Place (69.3 lbs)

One of the biggest upsets in round one was Timmy Horton over 2014 Bassmaster Classic Champion Randy Howell.  Horton, a fifteen seed ousted Howell, a second seed, on the same body of water Howell won the Classic just 14 months earlier. Rojas met up with Horton in round two on the Sacramento River.  Horton rallied for the second straight event but fell just five spots and nine pounds short of beating Rojas.

Sweet 16
Location: Lake Havasu
Opponent: Jason Christie
(10) Dean Rojas 6th Place (61.7 lbs)
(4) Jason Christie 65th (25.8 lbs)

Rojas headed home for the sweet 16. FIshing on his home body of water, Lake Havasu, Rojas was head to head with one of the hottest anglers over the past five years, Jason Christie. Rojas utilized his third straight Top 12 finish in route of Christie.

Elite Eight
Location: Kentucky Lake
Opponent: Bobby Lane
(10) Dean Rojas 46th Place (46.3 lbs)
(12) Bobby Lane 56th Place (33.8 lbs)

Bobby Lane, a twelve seed, had already survived a gauntlet of superstar anglers; Justin Lucas, Brandon Palaniuk and reigning Bassmaster Angler of the Year Greg Hackney. While the final results show an over twelve pound margin of victory, that includes Rojas’ third day total.  At the end of two days, Lane’s final day, Rojas edged Lane by a mere 5-ounces, the closest margin of victory in the entire Bass Brackets game.

Final Four Round
Location: St. Lawrence River
Opponent: Brent Ehrler
(10) Dean Rojas 28th Place (49.6 lbs)
(1) Brent Ehrler 31st (48.3 lbs)

After a short Elite Series break, the anglers headed north to Upstate New York, about as far from the West Coast as you can get and still be in the Continental United States. That’s where two West Coast fishing ledges met up in the Final Four, Dean Rojas and Brent Ehrler.  At the time of the event Rojas was leading the Elite Series Angler of the Year standings and Ehrler was leading the Elite Series Rookie of the Year standings  In an epic battle where Ehrler led after day 1, and Rojas rallied on day two to take the lead. Ehrler went out on day 3 and charged back into the contest before Rojas rallied late and held Ehrler off. besting him by 1.3 pounds and three places in the standings.

Championship Round
Location: Chesapeake Bay
Opponent: Mike McClelland
(10) Dean Rojas 63rd Place (12.10 lbs)
(7) Mike McClelland 81st Place (9.0 lbs)

The finals pitted Rojas against Mike McClelland on Chesapeake Bay. McClelland survived a gauntlet of big names in route to the finals, but did so without making a single top twelve during Bass Brackets events. McClelland did finish 2nd on the Sabine River, but that event was prior to the kickoff of Bass Brackets competition.  In fact, McClellands highest finish during a Bass Brackets competition round was 39th on Lake Gunstersville.  In a shocking turn of events neither angler caught them very well at Chesapeake Bay, but Rojas secured the first annual Bass Brackets championship with his two day total of 12-pounds, 10-ounces.

Congratulations to Dean Rojas, you’ve won absolutely nothing, but the same can’t be said for Vince Stuccio.  Mr. Stuccio won a $1000 Gift Card to Monster Fishing Tackle for winning the first Bass Bracket challenge.

Thank you to everyone for participating, get ready for Bass Brackets 2016 – starting in March of next year!