David Walker Scores Impressive Rebound on Kentucky Lake

PARIS, Tenn. (June 4) — Cabela’s/GEICO For Your Boat angler David Walker had an impressive rebound on the second day at the Bassmaster BASSfest on Kentucky Lake, but he’ll still need to advance to the weekend through the second-chance qualifier.

eTnB-m1iQAd5sbViGG5xSXTKmvYlEgXSVjT0LntUxiQsDWN6ZhLGZjE71kC_1TuQ17UMr24VSU2KUYgHy-zdH0p78du7r26oStYlu06V1GAcZhxeNC9AQALnJyDkyIrj3bhY=s0-d-e1-ftWalker brought in 18 pounds, 3 ounces Thursday, bouncing back from a difficult first day. His total of 20-15 puts him in 92nd, and he’ll be one of 74 anglers to compete in the one-day second-chance event on Barclay Lake on Friday. The top-10 finishers from that event rejoin the top 50 Saturday on Kentucky Lake.

“Much better,” Walker said, “but if you look at where I’m at in the standings, really nothing changed. That’s the sad part, but it was a moral victory.”

Walker started slowly Thursday but didn’t give up, trying several different spots on Kentucky Lake, and his perseverance was rewarded.

“Today started off just as gloomy,” Walker said. “But I managed to hang in there and catch a few fish and kept trying new ways. Many times, you can be too stubborn and sometimes that’s best, but sometimes it’s worse.

“I kept moving and trying. I went to different areas today — still places I’ve known from the past — but they were new to me because I hadn’t been there in practice this week. It worked out, thankfully.”

Now, Walker focuses his attention on Barclay Lake, which adjoins Kentucky Lake. Walker does have time on Barclay, just not this week.

“I have been on Barclay, but it’s been a lot of years ago,” Walker said. “I might be going into it with some bad, old info. I don’t know. We’ll find out tomorrow.

“I’ve fished there a bunch over the years. I was always fond of Barclay, but this is a new time of year for what I’m used to.”

Still, Walker is thankful to have a second chance.

“I could be loading everything up and getting ready to leave out of here mad,” Walker said, “but I’ve got another chance, and that’s good.”


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